VEX LCD Display

Hi Everyone,

I’m proud to announce the release of the VEX LCD Display (276-2273).

This exciting new item is aimed at high end “programming oriented” users.

From the product page:

Good morning, John,

It encouraging to see this, but I have a few questions:

  1. Are those three gray areas on the front buttons? If so, how are they read? (The “obvious” answer is as a three-bit input through the Tx line of the display module to the Rx line of the uCtlr, but I’m way too many years into my career to presume the “obvious”. ;o} )

  2. Specifically, can they be read more than one at a time? This makes a factor of two difference in number of inputs, as one at a time gives four states, but simultaneous reading gives eight.

  3. Is there a way the buttons (again, assuming that’s what I’m seeing) can be used as interrupts, or must they be scanned to be read?

  4. Ever looking forward, what about a 4-line or graphic version?


According to the Inventor’s Guide: “There are three pushbutton switches located on top of the VEX LCD Display Module. These three pushbutton switches can be configured by the user through software.

I can’t think of any other way the buttons could be read, given that Tx appears to be the only way for the display to send data back to the microprocessor.

Very good point. Hopefully it sends a byte that includes 3 bits of button state any time a button is pressed or released.

The serial port on the PIC can generate an interrupt when data is received, so given my assumptions above, I’d say no scanning is required.


  • Dean

OOOooooooooo… JVN brings us gifts :smiley:

There’s a STEP file with my name on it, Opens 3ds max, shortly followed by Inventor

That’s great! I just saw the page for the LCD last night, but it wasn’t available yet.

To answer a question about the 3 buttons on the LCD display - EasyC Pro has a Button Watcher Block that checks and let’s your program know if any of them is pushed. I’m not using my computer right now so I can’t tell you the exact details, but it’s pretty cool. I can’t wait to try it out.

I haven’t seen anything to make me think it is supported in MPLAB. Is there a programming reference?

RobotC 2.01 has an array with the values of the three buttons.

when are they going to be back in stock? i really want one before my next tournament

Looks like they are back in stock.


  • Dean

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