Vex LCD in Robot Magazine

On page 57-58 of Robot Magazine a picture is shown of a person using the Vex LCD. They said that they got to use an early prototype version.

It looks cool. It has a 2 line Alpha-Numeric display with 3 buttons for user input. Finally, it also says it has a back light. Just thought I would let everyone know.:smiley:

As of version easyC Pro will now support the upcoming Vex LCD. Now you can program your vex robot to support multiple autonomous modes :slight_smile: or get program feedback right on the LCD.

YAY! I can’t wait!

It Is already being shown on the VEX website.


Picture Is On The Bottom Left.

I hadn’t seen that.
I just got the July/August issue of Robot magazine and on page 79 they show the high stregnth sprocket and chain kit as well as the Power expander. It lists $39.99 as the price for the sprocket and chain kit and $49.99 as the price for the power expander.
I cannot wait for the new stuff to come out.

I can’t wait for the heavy duty chain and sprocket. For some reason my first solution to many problems always seems to involve chain.:slight_smile:

You can order it today. We already have one kit on hand and it is Very Cool. Information: