Vex League Play?
In the follow competition above the description says that it is a league? It says that there will be six competitions and I’m not a 100% sure how this works… 1st off does this mean that their are six competitions with 3-4 teams qualifying per competition? or does this mean that there are 6 competitions and they all add up, and then at the final competition the finals are played???, also when exactly are the competition dates? Im kinda confused on how this works exactly, but my team is not a 100% worth it because of qualification issues.

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RECF and our event partners are testing a new method of play this year, called VRC League Play. There are ten of these pilot leagues, and the High Desert League is one of them. We are in the middle of modifying Robot Events to properly display the league session dates, but for now you can email the League event partner at the address listed in the event on Robot Events to find out if there is space available and what are the dates the league will play.

In short, a VRC League will have several sessions scheduled during the season. Depending on local rules, teams may play in all or some of the sessions. Each session will last a fairly short time (typically 2-4 hours) and each team attending will play 2-3 qualifying matches. At the end of the season teams will be ranked according to their win-loss-tie record in league sessions, Elimination alliance selection will be conducted, and there will be a final day of play for Eliminations. Alliances in league play consist of two teams (not three), and the winning alliance partners will be the league champions. Another change from a regular tournament is that the #1 ranked team after the qualifying sessions is automatically the Excellence Award winner for the league.

Like any regular tournament, a league will have champions and award winners that may qualify for post-season events like the US National Championships and the VRC World Championship. The biggest differences between a league and tournament is that a league may offer more qualifying matches and will take place over weeks rather than 1-3 days.

PLEASE REMEMBER: this is a pilot program for 2011-2012, and all pilot leagues have ALREADY been setup and we do not plan to authorize any additional leagues this year. If there is a league in your area and you want to participate, contact the event partner or sign up on Robot Events. We will not be creating any more leagues, though.

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I had contacted the organizers and they gave me the following dates for this league.

Oct 29
Nov 5
Nov 12
Dec 10
Jan 14
Jan 28

Dec 10 is the same day as the LA competition in Northridge.

Most league event partners don’t expect that you will play in every league session. You should contact the event partner if, for example, you want to play in the Northridge tournament and still be in the league.

Is there any leagues in new England (USA)? and can you post a list of leagues?

They aren’t all up on Robot Events yet, but I believe they will be in Miami, Georgia, around Austin, Texas, southern California, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Hawaii, northern Oregon, central Indiana, around Philadelphia, and southern Maryland.

awe you should talk to brad and betty about having one at QCC Idk if it might happen but it would be cool

I have plenty to do here on the other side of the continent…