Vex Leagues?

Hey guys it’s Christian!

Now I have been looking on the Vex competition website and I’ve heard talk all around about leagues for Vex next year? I think it’s a cool idea could someone just explain to me if there is like a set amount of games one team is supposed to compete in and where the website is to sign up for these leagues if there is one…

I’m just assuming they are like normal leagues in sports…
Could someone explain to me how these leagues work?

Leagues appear on just like tournaments, but leagues are listed as multiple dates because they take place on multiple dates.

A league has multiple days of match play spread out over a few weeks, so there are a ton of qualification matches. At the end of those, the 1st Seed usually wins the Worlds spot automatically. After that, some leagues run eliminations if they have more qualifying spots.

A league is like a single tournament, but it is spread out over several weeks. We did one last year where we had 3 matches every other week for 6 weeks, and then on the 7th week we had alliance selection. The 8th week was the elimination rounds and the finals. Typically they are held in the afternoons or evenings after school on a weekday (At least around here).

It seems that the league approach is very different per area so I would contact a specific event organizer for more information on any league you are interested in.

We participated in the Houston league which I very much enjoyed. There were three events in which 2 were qualifiers and 1 was both qualifier and eliminations. Each event was held all day on a Saturday every couple weeks (the finale was friday afternoon and the following saturday). I think they did a good job at making everyday feel like a full event and not a watered down experience. It as also neat that they had 2-team alliances so that every team could participate in eliminations. It was fun to see all the teams progress and it really helped us (and the other attending teams) become more competitive in future events. It is an especially helpful setup towards the beginning of the season.