Vex LED Screen

Here is a Vex LED screen that I built:

It is made out of 2 Vex Microcontroller V0.5s, and 30 Vex LEDs. It was programmed in ROBOTC. In the video, one of the microcontrollers is broken, so the left hand side of the screen does not work. If I can get more LEDs, and PWM wires (on this model, I used electrical wire, because I did not have access to 30 PWM wires), then maybe I can make a bigger version. Anybody want to help work on this so that maybe we can have a really big one for worlds next year? :smiley:

When I first read the title, I thought you meant LCD screen. However, it really is an LED screen.

This is nice, robots giving light shows. :cool: On a large scale, it would look amazing.

All I can really do is send parts over (if you were serious about the large scale model), I live in Hawaii. :frowning:

I wouldn’t ask anyone to send parts over, that would probably be of too much cost to the team. I was just suggesting that if anyone has the parts, they could build a modular part of it, and we could assemble it at worlds.