Vex led screen

I previously ordered the vex edr led screen and i wanted to know what port to plug it in the cortex and how to program it

Connection with the Cortex facilitated by the Serial Y-Cable
( @DRow How come the instruction sheet is no longer linked/hosted on the VEX website? I can’t find anywhere on the current VEX website that says which wire of the Serial Y-Cable should go into which port on the LCD. I know it used to be linked on the LCD product page and hosted on the VEX Wiki)

Programming the LCD

-You plug it into Uart2
-To clear the LCD in ROBOTC you would use clearlcdline(1); and clearlcdline(0);
-Then to write to it you would have to set your lcd position using the setlcdposition(0,0); or setlcdpostition(1,0); depending on if you want to write on the top line (0) or the bottom line (1)
the first number in the parenthesis is the line the second is the space
-You can then use displaynextlcdstring to write costum text. (displaynextlcdstring"hello"; will display hello)
-if you want the lcd backlight on then need to use blcdbacklight=true (outside of a while loop)
-If you have the code in a while loop I recommend that you put a 10msec wait in it so it wont rapidly blink.
-If you want to display a variable of sensorvalue then you need to use displaynextlcdnumber. (displaynextlcdnumber(sensorvalue[nmotorencoder[FL]; will display the motor encoder’s value on the lcd)