Vex>Lego connectors

While the Vex system totally stomps the lego robotics, it would be cool to join the two systems together for a super robot. What I had in mind was creating pop rivets with tops on them so that they can join all types of lego, except Duplo, 'cause, well, that’s preschool stuff (literally). What i mean is both “standard” and Technic. Have one with the end of a cross beam, one with a “socket” for a cross beam, one with a round socket for the round connectors, and then one with a round connector (the ones used in technic that aren’t cross beams). And then, of course, one with the “standard” lego attachment.

For anyone fluent in Legoian, please forgive me. It’s been a very long time since I’ve spoken Lego Lingo and I know I’ve severely misidentifed several parts. Anyone with the “proper” terms is welcome to correct me.

I’ll see if I can’t get either some CAD files posted soon or some drawings…one of the two. Or if anyone beats me to it, that’s cool too.

Lego has their own metal kit now (“Tetrix”) and sells interface parts between that and plastic Lego: There is some discussion about how well it works, but since Lego has their own metal parts now, I’m guessing they aren’t highly motivated to work with the VEX folks.