Vex life after college

Hey everyone,

So I have graduated out of college and am wondering where my next steps with vex are. I had been involved in building and competing and as much as I’d like to move to mentoring other teams as an adult, I still enjoy the hands on part of vex. I know there is a lot of stigma around adults building the robots themselves and the students just drive the robots, so I hope to stay away from that.

Although vex is intended to be an educational robotics system for students, I still hope to continue with vex as a learning experience to improve my professional career too (as well as enjoy the competitive nature).

Anyone else in the same boat as me, or is able to share their opinion?

Has anyone else had thoughts of an inter-company or open-to-public division? (I’ve always thought it would be cool to see companies battling it out, using their proprietary products on robots and recruiting inspiring all the students)

I actually think that would be really cool to have an inter-company competition even if it’s not officially sanctioned within the RECF and VEX. You could use the VEXU rules and regulations with some add on’s to keep it within some sort of guidelines.

If you don’t end up following this, I would highly recommend finding teams in your area to help out whether it be sponsoring by helping them or with money!

After I finish highschool I’ll be starting a VEXU team over here, probably the first.
Then after that if I’m still passionate about VEX then I may start mentoring teams at a university or privately.

I finished my undergraduate degree at the end of 2014 (NZ academic years are calendar years). My solution was to spend another 3-4 years at uni getting a PhD!
Okay, of course that wasn’t actually the reason for me doing that, but being able to still compete with VEXU is a bonus I guess :p.

But in all seriousness, take this as an opportunity to look into other ways of doing robotics. Not being limited by VEX parts and size constraints opens a world of possibilities for what you can build, whether it be just for fun or for other competitions targeted towards older audiences. Do a bit of searching and I’m sure you’ll find something.
Also, like you said, mentoring teams and volunteering at events is an extremely rewarding way to still stay involved with the competition.

I’ve got a name: Vex Pro! Now, instead of just a parts store for FRC teams, it would actually stand for a competition. Anyways I think Vex Pro would be amazing. It should be even more unrestricted compared to Vex U, similar to FRC, though I think we may have to alter the game a bit to avoid exhaustion. Instead of being focused on education, this could be focused on just winning for the fun of it. And since we aren’t dealing with kids anymore, there could actually be a prize pool, something that I always felt vex needed as a little incentive to attract a viewership. Vex Pro can make robotics a respected sport. I really think Vex Pro could be a big, big deal but honestly I don’t think Vex is interested in the goals that Vex Pro would deliver.