VEX lights?

I saw some teams at world have some blue lights coming from the inside of their robot. I know its for decoration. Any idea where I can get these?

Many that I have seen are “glove lights” or “finger lights”. im not exactly sure what theyre called but it is something along those lines.

I think they take them off before their matches though. It is illegal to use another power source to power the lights. Vex LED’s are legal though, but they don’t look too good.

the ones i see are powered by an internal battery. The ones that I see on robots just stay on the robot.

Well all they have to do is shut them off

We ran underglow on our robot:

We powered our LEDs strips with a 9v battery. We would remove the battery from the robot during matches.

Edit: We bought the strips from a local electronics specialty store but I recommend this site:

Neat you to have the “non functional decoration” when you want it but also removes the distraction from the field, I like it.