Vex linear piston bottle flip challenge

If you have a few minutes and a linear piston i highly recommend trying this! LOL

cool, now use it to launch molotovs :wink:

I guess I’m a hater, because I say it’s fake. :slight_smile:

As soon as I have a chance, I will do this with our starstruck catapult, which could honestly throw it 5 feet in the air.

prob not fake, but only works like 1% of the time

I know. I’m just messing around.

I swear @Zach929Y must’ve spent hours upon hours trying to get this to work. He should submit this to Dude Perfect.

GG. Too gud. Now I am waiting for someone to create a flywheel for this… just throwing an idea out.

Only 45 minutes and too many fails… also, kept launching it without the water bottle which flung the piston off the rig whenever i seemed to get close…

Im on it

Just ask @lewie.eath and the 8000A crew. They could get it done in 3 minutes flat :smiley: (Just to be clear, I’m joking)

I’d say 2 minutes, tops.

2017-2018 water game confirmed. :slight_smile:

2 min if you guys are really slacking…