VEX Logo's and general graphics?

I’m looking for the VEX EDR logo found on the Cortex, preferably in a vector format or at least with transparency and really high resolution.

I could have sworn that there used to be a section with a bunch of this stuff but all I could find was the Toss Up logo.


This is all I’ve seen before.

Hey look, Round Up and Clean Sweep! :smiley:

But no EDR… hummmm, not sure what I should do here.

I mean it wouldn’t be terribly difficult to just make a new one based on . Just copy the image into gimp, scale it up a couple hundred percent. Make a new layer and draw right over the top of it.

You could even copy the “VEX” part out of the Toss Up logo. As for the “EDUCATIONAL ROBOTICS” part, use the text tool and increase the size until it’s right. You might be able to use this tool to find out what font it is.

If you look at the bottom of the page there is a name and number for specific graphic requests. here is the email address.

Because the guy who produces stunning renders and animations doesn’t know how to use Photoshop (screw Gimp). I saw that picture, not only is the bottom of the EDR cut off, but it’s a badly compressed JPEG at thumbnail size. It’s basically entirely not usable. If I had the font and wanted to bother matching it, maybe.

Good find, not sure if I want to call VEX HQ tho. I’ll email him. Thanks!

If you don’t manage to get a high res copy and do end up re-making it yourself, there is a logo on page 14 of this pdf that you could use as a reference.

While it’s not very high res, it’s better than the thumbnails you would find on google.


eps, illustrator and pdf. (75.7 KB)

Did you make that or is it from somewhere?

I pulled it from a PDF file into a vector drawing program, enlarged, then saved in the various other formats.

Given the PDF I could have done it, also Brain got back to me over lunch and provided a nice tiff. :stuck_out_tongue:

You guys rock! -Cody

Har har, you got me! But for all you know I was talking about this guy:

:stuck_out_tongue: -Cody