Vex Low Cost Identical Legal Parts Compilation

Have you found it yet? Just one more…

We bought our last set 2.5 years ago from here:

Can’t seem to find prices on line so give them a call. You will have to specify the polycarb size and thickness and color (we bought 10 black and 10 clear).

I think this is the last one also saves so much money on rubber bands:
size #64 rubber bands :
size #32 rubber bands : [

We bought these rubber bands a while back, they work well and are VERY cheap, at least when compared with VEX rubber bands. They are ~7x cheaper than the VEX Rubber Bands.

Another kind, that isn’t as cheap, but in my opinion, is better because of the different colors and overall quality is:

you can also get rubber bands at your local Wal-mart. Then you don’t have to wait for shipping.