Vex Magazine

OK this thread is based on the previous thread in the new product ideas area. in the end im hoping to make an online magazine were ppl can view it for free / or possibly pay per month

tell me on this thread if youre interested in writing articles, graphics, CADing instructions for robots, etc…

if we have enough interest i will start up a website, every1 make a google account and we’ll use google docs to share the articles, etc…

at the end of each month / quarter ill but everything together in a .pdf or .doc maybe even .html and post it on the webiste

subscribers will be able to visit and download it each month

so any takers?

Ok, I am interested. Please look at what I wrote in the other thread that you are building off of. In short, I think that we should keep the Vex Magazine as a website NOT as a blog (we have the Vex Forum), then after each issue we can post our thoughts in this thread or a new one.

-just tell me what I can do to contribute. I would love to organize competitions/write articles.

oh yeah…Lets keep it free.

yea…agreed free at the most a donation center where the donations go to competitions or vex projects to be written in magazine

ok im going to write up a format (something to follow when writing articles)

ill start the website,ill post the link soon

every month:
new products (vex or non-vex)
building instructions for a vex robot (CAD pics)
vex review

for now you can start thinking of articles/starting writing an article

as for competitions we should get interest before starting a huge competition

oh also we need graphics, hey techno_turkey i know youre good at graphics (look at your avatars!) so could you make some graphics if you’re interested

so we need a name
any suggestions?

As for a name, I do not have one yet. Articles…I’ll have a few soon. What are you thinking of for a website. Are you going to use a free service or make your own and pay $$ – I think that we will be able to get enough donations to cover fees.

Also, I think that there is enough non-vex stuff out there already, the way that we can keep this “magazine” unique is by writing about all Vex stuff. I am in the FRC not FTC, and I think that if we could get some stories/rankings of FTC stuff that would also be great.

I really am interested in doing this, and I think that this has huge potential.

ok, ive started a 50webs free acount
go to for the magazine homepage
ill find a donation thing so we can use a paid account, does anyone know anything about paypal donations?

ill code the website, im pretty good at that i just need help with graphics, you can start ahead on articles or anything else, when we have enough we’ll piece it together for out first issue (hopefully december for january issue)

also, agreed to just vex

if any writers need a good word processor, this ones free, open office @

plz save as .doc though

Articles for first issue:
Gears! (i’m writing right now)
FTC Updates
Using RX Input for Beginners
Robot Spotlight (anyone can put in pics and description of their robot)
Vex Building Instructions (someone has to get CADing, step-by-step instructions)
Programing Tips

if you have notified me of wanting to be a writer contact post here if you want to do one of these or post more article ideas

I like the idea of the magazine being about vex but I also think we should have reviews and instructions for other parts that are compatible with vex as well. Such as instructions to adapt the parts to vex or how to program them in EasyC.



I’m a bit curious, when I hear the word magazine, I think of well-written, properly researched articles that do not have every second or third word misspelled; and that are written by authors who actually care about what their mastery, or lack thereof, of English’ grammar says to the world about the rest of their scholarship.

Clear separation of facts from opinions, and an abundance of citations that confirm facts or support opinions, and concise easy-to-follow chains-of-reasoning, also come to mind.

Am I thinking about the right kind of magazine? or am I being a fossil and not comprehending that the term “magazine” has taken on a new, twenty first century connotation that refers to something other than periodically issued collections of articles/illustrations generally satisfying the criteria I listed above?

I need to know so that I can decide if I should start working on an article or two.


I’m talking formal articles were we use proper grammer, no slang, no mispelled words (we need an editor, any volunteers who are good in english?)

also to above we can have an article with 3rd party interfacing with vex, thats a great idea

remember peoples don’t get lazy in articles, posts fine, but no in articles!

That’s exactly what was going through my mind; I think things are trying to get done too fast with too many inaccuracies, like there is supposed to be a magazine at the end of this month!

Maybe whoever is planning on running this ‘shindig’ should look into starting simple, such as a monthly newsletter, something people can easily sign-up for and is much smaller than a full-scale magazine.

basically this is more like a wiki, and no i dont expect a magazine this month, im thinking more next year, also id just take all the articles for that month and put them together

I agree, we should not rush this.

-one more idea though; how about a best of the vex forum section. In that section we could put the best ideas/robots/threads on the site.

I cannot stress this enough: *THIS CANNOT TURN INTO A VEX FORUM

yah, agreed for the best of vex forum

how about we have positions
1 Webmaster (me cause ive already started it)
1-2 Web Graphics Creator
5 Writers
1 News Searcher/Team Interview

whenever a writer submits an article each other writer should check it over for spelling, grammer, no slang, etc…

so if me and GGCO are writers we still need 3 writers, 2 web graphics creators, and a news searcher/team interview

I’d be happy to be a writer, just keep in mind that I do not have a lot of money, so I probably will not be buying a ton of Vex stuff to write reviews on. Although, reviews would be a good contribution to the magazine.

Instead of having a set amount of writers, why not have it set up like a true wiki and allow anyone add their ideas, and just have a group of moderators to keep it neat and organized?

And if at all possible, I think it would be great if it was created with the MediaWiki software, the same software used by Wikipedia. It’s a free download available at Download - MediaWiki just look for the “download a package” column on the right and download the current version.

we dont want to turn this into another forum, i think that having only a few writers is good unless we have A LOT of interest and readers

A vex magazine would be insane:) :slight_smile:
All the members of Team Mainframe Meltdown agree. It would be a great way to stay in the loop.

so any of your team members/you wanna be a writer or web graphics creator?

i mean how many and i need some way of contacting them