Vex makes new design kit!!!!!

Hey, did any of you people listen to the robo world. Vex is makeing a new design syestem. It is supposed to have 300 parts so I think it’s an expander pack. Here’s a link to where i found out. also theres a picture in the article…these new robots are just … just . just AWESOME! :slight_smile: :>

please search the forum there are topics allready started on this like in the news section or something

Those robots look much better and the parts look more thought out. I’d really like to get that kit but are the parts compatible and will they be FVC legal?

they look baaad, I wonder if those gears are really red and the metal is black like that or did they just dress it up to make it look better

I don’t know but look at the wheels and tires they look really good.

they look like they would actually grip something

I just hope the build up is not all hype, and then a big let down once you own it.:frowning:

That is awesome!!!
Will it be available in RadioShacks of just on the VEX website?:confused:

Correct me if I am wrong but I do not think Radio Shack wants to anymore.

i think that march 31, 2007 is thee limit for radioshack to sell vex parts, anything over that date would be illegal.

all parts must be bought from IFI/vexlabs

Figure that since this is a Revell and IFI joint venture, these Kits could appear anywhere Revell Models are available…

I was thinking the same thing.