Vex Manual Loophole for High School Students

I mean, if they’re the same age why not? I don’t see an issue here

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15 or younger will include some juniors for next year (5/1/2004 will be for next year’s worlds). If you are born between about 8/1/2003 and 7/31/2004, you will be a junior in the 2020-2021 school year. So some juniors and all sophmores/younger should be able to play in IQ and middle school. But, you cannot have earned any high school credits before then, so that would rule out most high schoolers.

The rule is only age based.


Can you please cite the rule from the current game manual that you believe supports this statement?


Why was your middle school team exactly a problem?

If your team meets the definition of middle school aged and student - no problem? If you are saying your middle school team students were not middle school aged per Game Manual - then maybe that is a problem - contact your RECF Regional Support Manager to have the team classified as something other than Middle School.

Not sure what this so-called “loophole” is about back then or even now. Globally the. definition of middle school has been fairly fluid. RECF/GDC came with an age based definition of middle school. Perhaps the issue is not that it is a loophole but rather it uses the term “Middle School” which does not match the understanding in different geographic areas around the globe.


My region, also texas, but southwest texas, has someone who retook high school precalc to meet the requirements to do an extra year of vex after his almost-graduation. I dont like it, but the rules are the rules.

I’m gonna be a junior and by the ms birthdate definition I can compete in ms i think (if I’m interpreting the rule correctly).

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So… you’re currently 14 or a very young 15?

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I genuinely think this is a problem that vex can’t fix in a reasonable way. I’ve met many 15 year old 8th graders and 19 year old high school seniors, but I don’t believe that that means they should be segregated from the grade level that they are supposed to compete under. If you understand that the point of vex is to challenge yourself to be the best then you should be competing at the appropriate level regardless of whether or not you are violating any generic age boundaries.


I don’t know what the answer is, but my son who will be in 7th grade and will qualify for his 5th time at Worlds could still compete as am elementary student for Rise Above. His birthday is Nov 2005. He has been playing up since 4th grade.


And don’t forget that they CHANGED THE DATE between manual updates last year… Se we will have to see how that pans out as well.

As of right now, the rules for 2020 - 2021 for VRC and VEXIQ:

I agree 100% that with the international implications they have to have age cutoffs.

Of my students from last year,

Can only do middle school until 8th grade: 5 (elementary until 5th)
Can only do middle school until 9th grade: 88 (elementary until 6th)
Can only do middle school until 10th grade: 43 (elementary until 7th)

None of these students will be 20 before their senior year WORLDS.

In our area of North Florida, the VEX IQ programs are good but the VRC programs are not well developed. We will have our first high school IQ teams this year (building at home) and I have a feeling ti will blow up over the next couple of years.

I may start registering some of my 6th grade teams as elementary so they can be in a different division than the high school kids. I don’t see that happening this year, but could be in the future.


yup. by taking into considerations of all the different education systems and school years, etc in different countries, it makes more sense to use age cutoffs instead.

it is similar to any youth international sports meet, it is usually by age cutoffs.


Eventually, the age groups will be defined not by. implementation, such as middle school or high school, but something like soccer does U10, U12, U14, U19… where you have greater addressability depending on region.


I think I’ve posted this before, or maybe I’ve just had conversations with others about the topic. Regardless, based on these age rules, I would have been eligible to compete as a Middle School student in VRC or VEX IQ (if they existed) as a Grade 11 student. Just some food for thought.

These rules are impossible difficult to craft such that they satisfy everyone. I don’t envy the RECF here.


Yes, the main problem with the rules is that they are called Elementary, Middle School and High school. Call them U12, U15, U19 and we will have a lot easier time with this.

Personally, I’d prefer U11, U14 and U19 because there are a number of kids that graduate well before they are 19 (like @Karthik) and it helps to give them a window to play VRC.

It would also help to cut those kids off so they can move on and stop competing with elementary kids at blended tournaments. Do we really want 15 year old students playing VEX IQ as the rules currently allow?

I also had to look around a little bit and correct me if I’m wrong… U12 means 12 or younger. I first read “Under 12” in my mind but I’m glad I double checked myself!


Generally, in the US U12 covered 5-6 grade U14 7-8 grade…

A good exercise would be to map out what age groups you want to engage at different levels for IQ and VRC… Personally for our district 7-8 grade kids are not doing IQ… and in terms of development having U16 would be good map for frosh/sophmore HS kids… Let them be competitive at the age group instead of trying to swallow too much at once …

As VRC grows - the granularity adapts.

I misread the part where it defined a student and thought that it meant that anyone who took high school credits had to be a high school student.

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