VEX - Master v7, User v20.01 repeating

After downloading any EasyC program to the controller the controller will repeat “VEX - Master v7, User v20.01 IFI>” between 10 and 200 times before running the program. This will also be displayed in the IFI/intelitk Loader window. When the controller is turned off and turned back on to run the loaded program this behavior is repeated before running the program. I’ve tried reloading the master code several times to no avail. During competition this behavior will eat up the 20 seconds.

It usually only says that when you first turn the controller on. Is you battery extremely low? Maybe that would cause the controller to repeatably turn on and off.

Yes, I agree this sounds like the controller is reseting. Try downloading an empty program into the controller and see what it does.

Also, make sure the battery is securely connected - a loose power connection could cause resets.

Make sure to watch the LEDs while the controller is looping on the initialization message; they will likely provide a hint as to what is going wrong.


  • Dean