VEX Mecanum Wheels

I have a proposition to make and a question for everyone who would like for VEX to make mecanum wheels. To start with the proposition; I have designed some 3" diameter, 9 roller VEX mecanum wheels in Inventor. They are designed to use the standard VEX 8-32 screw as the axle for the rollers and a lock nut on the other side. They use some very ingenious design features that make them extremely easy to assemble and adjust. They are designed so they can be printed on a rapid prototype machine (aka 3D printer). However, I may not be able to have them printed and I cannot afford to have an online service make them (If I can have them printed I’ll post the CAD real soon). So, if anyone has access to a rapid prototype machine and wants to print a set themselves and would like the CAD for these wheels (I’ll post pics really soon) I offer all of my Inventor files etc. to be posted on this site in exchange for a set printed for me as well (I’ll pay for any shipping etc.):D. I have designed both the left and right wheels, special rollers, and wheel hubs. These things are NICE and I really want a pair myself. Next, I was wondering how much people would be willing to pay for a set of these wheels. If people are willing to pay enough I may be able to get a limited number made and sell them :rolleyes:.

OK Here’s my rendering of them in Inventor. It shows both the left and right wheel and both sides of the rollers. Anyway, here it is.

I would purchase them if they are FVC legal.

Try making a proposal to IFI Robotics?

I haven’t done so yet but I am thinking about it. Since they can be printed it is a real possibility of them being made.

If you haven’t already gotten them made by late April - early May I may be able to get you some made. And I’m Assuming that if your on MOE that you live close to Delaware so i wouldn’t be hard for me to deliver them. How wide is the wheel body? It looks as if it is rather narrow.

wow, they look really good. i think ill try making some in inventor. pics to follow

The wheel body is 1/4" wide. It is a little narrow but I didn’t want to make the wheel real wide since it is a mecanum wheel. A quarter inch of hard plastic should be plenty for the size of the wheel.

Okay, here’s the .stl files for the mecanum wheel design for all those who want to print a set.
Mecanum (951 KB)

I love you! <3

those are GORGEOUS and we so happen to have a 3d printer!!