Vex Meet!!!!!!!!!!!

To discuss our current robotic projects, every1 meet on the Vex Chat room at

@ around 12:00 noon EST tommorow

I’ll probably drop by. Tomorrow I’ll be in front of my computer pondering the FRC game anyways.

oh yah, tommorow is kick off!!!for frc!!!
!!!sorry to spam the forum like this but i love hearing about the game
:smiley: :rolleyes: :cool: :slight_smile: :smiley:
!!!we can talk about new FRC strategies too at the chat room

At 12:00 I’ll be done with my FRC kick off. I’ll be there around 12:30/1:00pm

Ill see what i can do, I may be a little late though.

How long is this gonna go? My FRC team’s kick off meeting goes till about 3:30

That’s 11 central time correct?

Yah, Central = -6:00
East = -5:00

i dont know ill be on my laptop all day so basically it will be all day:D its ok if you’re late
its not like its a ceremony and im not announcing any big plans or something, it’s just to talk about vex, i was thinking of doing this weekly:D

Ill be on if I can get up that early…11 a.m.

I can’t open the chat room =S. Its shows me a small X on the top right corner

ill look into that one sec, BTW there is no www. in my URL it is simply

it works for me, you need java downloaded and enabled, are you seeing the text This is the chat room for general Vex talk?

is there a yellowish bar at the top with a x on one of the corners try clicking on it and see what it says sometimes you have to take off the pop upblocker sometimes its a temporarily thing and something else

All I see on the control is a completely blank screen and a red X on the top right

edit: now i can’t access the page at all =S

sorry every1 i tried to go on but couldnt i think 50webs was down for maintenence or something :frowning:

Good because I NEEDED to get our FLL project done we have compitetion
next Saturday!

I was able to get on with out any trouble.

Sorry I missed it. We had a brainstorming sesson after the kickoff.

its ok most of us had technical difficulties anyway