Vex Microcortex controller For sale

I have 3 microcortex controllers for sale ($250 ones).2 are used and im selling for $140 and im selling a brand new one in package for $200.Im willing to sell all 3 for $400 and open to offers.Thank You.Please email me for further questions

Also if interested in photos please pm me through vex or my email.

You have been trying to sell these for several months, perhaps you need to significantly drop the price or post some photos so we all know they are legit.

Im a teacher in the san barnadino county region and these are extra controllers after the class semester.The previous ones were sold at the same price to stimulate more revenue to buy more vex equipment for the students.If proof is what people need and your a serious buyer yiu can email me and the photos will be provided.

Is that San Bernadino?

I still say this sounds fishy, your writing does not have the tone of a teacher.

You wrote back in October

and also in March

I find it strange that a school would sell three cortex controllers to buy other VEX parts, however, I will give you the benefit of the doubt. Can anyone on the forum who perhaps purchased from Fearility last time comment?

It’s also a different email domain.

Seems as though a teacher cant have friends, never-the-less its fine if your suspicious of activity yet your not obligated to buy the item if you dont want.Also, if you reckon the emails domains are diffrent you will notice ones my personal email while the other is the team email.Im also stating your not sure of how PLTW (Project Lead The Way)works but it is non profit (hence reason im selling item) and a voluntary program that involves teaching kids skills nessasary in life to be better adults while having fun building robots.Your care in this matter is understandable.Like i have stated before you dont have to purchase the items and im not in a hurry to sell them since the next semester is not for another few months.

I would suggest that a “.edu” email would give you more credibility.

Anyway, buyer beware !

Thanks for your concern.