Vex middle school Worlds

Looking for convo about middle school Vex Worlds (My team is 9393B)

6842Z(PigPen) from Panther Robotics will be attending! We are from Park Tudor Middle School in Indianapolis, Indiana. We finished 2nd place at CREATE U.S. Open!

6364E here From North Texas :slight_smile: will also be attending worlds.

9078X is coming! We’re from California and will be attending!

1375A and 1375B from Flint, Michigan

@ThomasXp #finalistcurse

Team 3547C, from Monroe, MI will be there

We are 4004Y, Ynot? We are from Apache, Oklahoma. We will also be attending, along with two of our high school teams. We should’ve finished second, allianced with pig pen. We came home and adjusted two things on the robot, and now we could easily beat them, just btw. :slight_smile: We finished 9th at Open, and lost to the tourney finalist by 2 points

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We are 2831X from Cumming, GA United States. We will be attending Worlds 2017 w/ my ReRun program :slight_smile:

We were undefeated at Middle School states; ranked #1 for skills (MS State) and the competition.

Team 2177H SLIBORG from Silver Lake Intermediate School in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin will be competing this year at Worlds 2017 Middle School Division. We have won three consecutive tournaments, including states, and have won two consecutive excellence awards before that. Hope to see you there!

Hey come check out the WalshBots - 9791C and 9791H from Walsh Middle School, Framingham, MA… I think they are ready - loaded gear into cars from the school loading dock… So did not think of important things like: safety glasses, engineering notebook (both teams), rotary cutting tools,… but I have their backs, and a mighty fine bunch we are bringing to Louisville!

Wait… did we pack frisbees?.. buttons?..

… robot… robot… robot… anyone?

only 18 hours of road trip on a bus each way with MS, HS, and VEXU (alum) teams from Southern New England will tell!

Also, shout out to Locke Monsters from Billerica, Leominster Youth Robotics, and Jockey Hollow from Monroe CT! and all the other amazing high school teams… Great bunch of teams from Southern New England region! Made possible by QCC’s Prof Lauer - a true “Heart of Gold”.

Make sure to get some rest, meet lots of great people in Louisville!

Be sure to check out 8452C Modulus Zero, competing at Worlds during their very first year of robotics!

Just in response to the post by 4004Y, I would not take away the possibility that Team PigPen has made modifications of there own that would prove to be valuable in competition :slight_smile:

The Vexmen will be sending two middle school teams this year. Be sure to get a button!

Team 80S - Storm - PA Middle School State Champions
Vexmen Button2_5inWorlds-2017-80S-01 446x446.jpg

Team 80J - Cannonball - PA Middle School Robot Skills Champions
Vexmen Button2_5inWorlds-2017-80J-01 446x446.jpg

I don’t doubt that :slight_smile: We will stop by your pits to see it… :slight_smile:

This is the first time out school qualifies for worlds so we’re pretty excited… I’ll probably meet all of you guys the first day (I’m passing out brochures about our robot).

Our team qualified for states after winning two excellences and two tournaments Just like our teammates 9393A … I cant wait to see you all there

Rip… will never forget -_- Don’t worry I’ll win worlds this year… maybe…

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@ThomasXp I believe

We were at nationals as well and I recognize some of the names. We have been working all of our spring break on our robot, you guys recognize it? We took two motors off our lift and put them on our drive and now we can run turbo, wish we knew that before nationals