vex mlCAD models needed

i need some mlcad models of robots and list of kits they took, distructfull or usefull

If you are looking for models that people have built, then I have one.

I was prototyping a tank tread drivetrain for an idea that I had. There aren’t currently tank tread parts for the program, so you have to use your imagination. :wink: Each of the weird wheel things in my model is supposed to represent a tank tread sprocket. I don’t have the parts to make it, but if someone would like to base a design off of it, go right ahead!

(I renamed the file as a “.txt” so I could upload it. You’ll have to rename it as a “.ldr” for mlCAD to read it)
tankdrive.txt (7.38 KB)

thanks for the file…
but i need full robots, thanks though.
icould put that on a robot.

There are 2 robots with building instructions posted on