Vex monthly Challenge

A while back there was a forum on a vex monthly challenge (started by sofaboy) and now Otgether we are working on some ideas. So far we have some rulesThe robot must not exceed 18 inches in width or length and 12 inches in hieght

-Maynot use more than 8 motors and/or servos

-wheel diameter may not exceed 5 inches (size of knoby wheel)

-(for an all autonomus robot competition) robot must complete task without any help from remote control or human asistance

-no use of glue or tape

-No asistance is aloud to help robot complete the task except by means of the remote control or program

-(kind of silly but) must use vex micro procesor

-the following custom parts are allowed…

-metal parts (the beams)
-plastic body covers

-you can use rubber bands, string, and rope

If you there is anybody else that would like to help us set this up or like to participate, just send me a PM on your ideas.

nice rules. i think that i could help out, as long as it is just in online discussions.

great, just send me a pm on what you would like to contribute. and it will only be online discusions.

I am in. This is just the sort of thing I need to really get going…

Okay so it looks like we have a team of three, four counting sofaboy but he is busy with school. So who wants to do what? We probably need someone to fine tune the rules. Someone to come up with challenge ideas and how we want to aproach presenting it to everyone. and anything else you guys would like to do. either pm me or just post on here. Thanks for your guys participation :smiley:

Okay now that things are starting to make progress I would like to share one way that this monthly challenge could work. At the begining of each month we (as in all the people that are helping to put this together) would post the new challenge along with a pictures or a video to show you what the challenge is. Then every so often we would add a new element to the challenge such as it must be able to move or something along those lines. Everyone could post pictures of thier bot during the month and share ideas. At the end of the month you would post your final pictures of your bots along with a video of it doing the challenge. And If you guys wnated we (as in all the people that are helping to put this together) could grade the bots on there performance and then the one witht eh highest ranking wins.

I think that oints would be cool. Like have different categories (like design, monerverability, functionality, etc…) And have it be like 1-10 and then tally each person’s scores then post the scores in the next thread. (ie. post october challenge scores in November) And also… Maybe post over all scores (month + month + month etc…) Aswell as indevidual challenge scores (ie. just october.)

Thats just my $0000000.02 though!

this sounds awsome. i would participate

thanks for the feed back guys. I’m hoping to get it started by next month or maybe sometime this month.
sofaboy- did you want us to have a new forum for each month or keep this smae forum?
Ducttape- would you like to help out or just participate or both although then you wouldn’t be able to score lol.

I want to play and help. i dont care if i dont get to score

okay great, how would you like to help out?(come up with ideas, make demo bots, you name it)

ill make a demo bot but i wouldnt be able to till wednesday cause im going on vacation.

Right now pacoliketaco is planning to build a demo bot that fires pingpng balls acurately. Maybe you could either build a different type of demo bot to show another type of challenge that we may possibly have or you can compare notes with pacoliketaco

probably make a new thread for each month and call them a standard name of
“Unofficial Monthly VEX challenge - [MONTH]” Also… probably best to keep everything in this thread to PM’s

i like how this is going. :slight_smile:

Do you guys think we can get this going in about a month or so?

i think that we should start in november. with the ping-pong challenge. it is pretty hard because i cannot figure out how to exactly shoot the ping-pong balls because they are soooo light. it gives them like no inertia to keep moving once launched.

about ping pong balls it is simple to shoot them i have try’d ya my aim is not good but at lest it shot them(2 days later) my ball shooter broke lol:)

I think PM’s should be used strictly as to give no hints… (but do give some wild clue…)

If you want pacoliketaco i can make the demo bot. i have a good idea on how to do it.