Vex Motor and Servo questions

HI everyone. I’m new to vex and I had a couple of questions. I just started Vex because I work at Radio Shack and I get the Starter Kit for stupid cheap. But that aside, I wanted to know the difference between a Vex Servo and a Vex Motor. If there is a difference. I could probably google this, but I thought to ask it here first.

One other question. How can you control more than two motors with the vex controller?

Thanks in advance

It is in the Invertor’s Guide…

The difference is " Vex continuous rotation motor" verses “Rotation of 100 degrees”

See, Vex Robotics Motor Kit and Vex Robotics Servo Kit also there are 8 Motor/Servo ports, and you can purchase Y - Cables, to drive 2 Motor/Servos off of one of the 8 Motor/Servo Ports.

Yes - One more motor is required beyond the three that are in the Starter Kit, if you want 4_motor 4WD machines.

All I know of is that you can get the programing kit. set it up so you drive it with the remote, and add the Motor Rc Control brick in. (you pick the option on the top bar to use the Pro cammands, then it’s on the side under Rc Control)