VEX motor coast

Hello. Me and my team want to use a catapult design and want a motor to pull a set of rubberbands back, hold, and then coast, letting the bands pull the catapult forward. I coded this, but the motor is not going into coast.
def release():
extension.spin_for(REVERSE, 400, DEGREES)
wait(5, SECONDS)
def main():
# controller_1.buttonDown.pressed(pull)

You may have to tell it to stop again so that it updates it and releases

Are you sure it’s actually able to spin the full 400 degrees? Without a motor timeout declared before that spinFor call, the motor may be stalling prior to reaching 400, but the code will not advance until it reaches 400.

I would recommend setting a motor timeout prior to calling him that spinFor command. I would bet that will solve it.

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PLEASE look into a slip gear. This system will not work.