Vex motor gears

Does anyone know what the normal, high speed, and turbo gears look like inside the vex motors? Pictures would help.

Thank you.

Here’s the standard set of internal gears that come with motors
For turbos the gear connected to the output shaft is thinner
And the top gear that meshes to that is wider

These are turbos:

thank you

what is all?

The gears that are used for every gear ratio.

There are two sides of the motor you can remove, the bottom is the gears you change, the top is place where the “all” gears go.

ok thanks

Turbo Speed (Driving Gear: Big, Driven Gear: Small)

High Speed (Driving Gear: Medium, Driven Gear: Medium)

Low Speed (Driving Gear: Small, Driven Gear: Big)

You can find these images on my website in the Helpful Tips Section

What would these gears be?
They come with the motor and I think I remember somebody saying that they were highspeed gears.

those are high speed, the only difference between the pictures showed is the bevel on the bottom of the teeth and some more fine details, they are functionally identical

Oh ok. Thanks.

Don’t use the ones that you showed us in the picture. These gears will strip really quickly. Always use the flat shape instead of dome shaped.

We don’t have anything other than those and the gears that come with the motor.

It will last you a while but it strip more quickly than the flat shaped ones. It is okay to use them but just keep in mind that they will strip soon.

Ok thanks.

Can someone send a picture of how the motor 393 looks? Our’s acting funny and we believe it’s an internal problem.

Why don’t you open up your motor and take pictures, then the forum could easily identify your problem

Recently, I have had lots of teams come ask me for assistance on which motor gears they have. So I made these simulations on Gear Generator to help students learn which ones are which and to interact with them for a better understanding.
Turbo Gears
High-Speed Gears
Low-Speed Gears
You can find some more information and helpful tips about gears on our website.