Vex motors

So we were testing our robot for about 1 hour and 30 minutes and we turned it off to give the ptc a break and what not. Once we started testing again. The lift could barley lift our two cube intake with two cubes. We checked the motors and all are moving. It seems like one side is going faster than another. Half way up the whole lift dies out because the ptc are doing there job. We also can assume that its not the program because every motor is working and spinning. My question is can we over work a motor so it wont move to full power, and will it come back to working fine 9-10 hours later?:confused::frowning:

Are you sure the batteries are properly charged?

My teams have gotten good at burning out motor controllers, that may be worth checking.

I would check the motor controllers, and switch out the robot battery. The lift will be affected if your battery is running down.

Definitely check motor controllers. Our team had a similar issue because early on, we were really punishing our motors too much.