Vex MS Worlds Discord Server

Join this discord server if you are a middle school team attending this years world championship!

link removed by mods due to COPPA concerns.

make sure you follow the directions in the verification channel so you can use the server normally

I would be concern that most middle school students are not of the age to agree to terms of use.


[edit for those wondering why I flagged for moderation - there is federal regulations regarding online services … moreover, schools have strict policies for students, teachers about what services young ones can subscribe to or endorse…

here is the link to COPPA. Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule ("COPPA") | Federal Trade Commission

and each school district has their own policies regarding online communities…

It is hard to navigate - but from a perspective of appropriate platforms - out in the wild Discord would cause pause for district administration and issues for school club advisors at middle school level…

Advice to all middle school students, please consult with your club advisors to be sure you are not violating any school policies.