Vex Nationals New Zealand live stream copyright

So I had the live stream open from yesterday and when I refreshed the page it said: “This video contains content from Kontor New Media Music and WMG, one or more of whom have blocked it on copyright grounds”. I reckon this is a false takedown as I know Kontor New Media Music falsely stikes videos. (just search their name on google and the first few results are about them falsely copyright striking)

Live stream link

Unfortunately, if YouTube’s livestream encoder picks up on any copyrighted material, there is no fix to this until after the livestream has finished and uploaded as an archive.

It may be a false takedown, but then again, the specification of who actually took action against it is little, so you cannot tell. Usually, if a stream gets taken down by WMG, it is probably due to a legitimate piece of copyrighted music being included, as I’ve found myself. I’ve not heard of Kontor New Media Music, however.