VEX Net 1.0 troubleshooting.

Hello there,

OK so I have tried to link two VEX Net 1.0 keys together and for some reason it is just not working !

I have updated bot the Cortex and the Controller and all that happens is a red light starts flashing on the controller (picture shown below).

I have replaced the batteries in the joystick and it is still doing the same thing…

I hope you can help !

Image link…

If it is a double blinking red led than your vex nets could be bad or just no connection, if it is a single blinking red led than your vex nets are out of range. You will most likely need to replace them if it persists. Just make sure everything is updated and working. Hope this helps.

OK thanks I will try this when I get back to school. From what I remember I think it was double blinking so like you said it is possible that it is the connection. We have 12 VEX Net keys 1.0 so hopefully two of them will pair up !!!

Yeah, this has happened to me many times, mostly because the vex nets chuck key gets bent, and then wont connect. Also avoid dropping them, and when you pull out the vex net, make sure not to bend it as your pulling it out. Here is a screen shot of the trouble-shooting guide (which is really small, sorry), you can also find this on the Skyrise app.

Here is a link to a PDF version of the trouble-shooting guide.