VEX net Field Controller Kit - compatible with VEX IQ platform?

Is the VEX net Field Controller Kit compatible with the VEX IQ platform? If not, is there another product that would work to disable the driver control at the time of the buzzer when using the Tournament Manager software?

Thank you.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is anything for that.

I believe that the VEXnet Field Controllers are only compatible with VEXnet joysticks, hence the name, and Tournament Manager only utilises the VEXnet Controller drivers when setting up a VRC tournament.

From the VEXnet Field Control Kit product page:

for use with the VEXnet system and/or the VEX 75MHz Crystal Radios

Also from the VEX IQ Controller product page:

  • Compatible with the 900 MHz Radio
  • Compatible with the 2.4 GHz Radio
  • Compatible with the Smart Radio

The roboteers get practice with the ref going 3-2-1-stop-controllers down

It hasn’t been a big deal in any of the events I’v run in the last 4 years.

I share your viewpoint Foster, however, I have about 34 different coaches that are the ones doing the practice with their teams. Even when expectations are clearly outlined in coaches’ meetings they are not always implemented to the same level during practice with the kids. While I can’t say it’s been a big deal for me either, for $149 I love the idea of there being zero question of the tiny difference in time between a low hang and high hang, etc… :wink:

I think I’m just going to spend the $149 and test it out. I’ll be sure to let you all know how it goes.


I assume this means you intend to buy a field control kit and then hook it up to your IQ robot via the 8p8c tether connector on the back of the VEX IQ Controller?

I would strongly advise against that unless someone from VEX tells you it’s OK. I’ve never heard of that port on the IQ controller being compatible with the field control system, and if it is wired differently (which it almost certainly is) you may very well damage something by plugging the field control cable in.

If you’re insistent on testing this out, at least save some money and buy the VEXnet Competition Switch instead ( But again, I don’t think this is a good idea at all.

IQ does not have any way of interacting with the VRC/EDR field controls.

This is a big part of why I like to run IQ events it’s just a lot easier to set up. However, given the fact that I use raspberry pis at every field to run field monitors, I guess it wouldn’t be that hard as I already have all the extra hardware. However given that VEX IQ is for kids as young as 3rd grade I don’t feel that that system would be appropriate.

The ref watches the match and the timer, it’s not an issue.

I’d rather not have to do a control system for IQ events. Set up two tables, show the schedule on the monitor and off we go.

The jack on the IQ controller is not field control capable.

Unless you do battery powered wireless Pi’s, you are still dragging power and ethernet around. I’m pretty sure that the view isn’t worth the climb.

Lets turn this around, what problem are you trying to solve? Would just having the sounds play loudly at the field work?

Thanks guys, I really appreciate all of the input. Sounds like I’m probably out of luck on using the field control with the IQ platform.

I’m trying to solve the problem of drivers moving / operating their robot after the buzzer has sounded and the match has ended. Examples: Driving that last 1/2 inch to “park”, one extra 1/2 second button press to lift off the floor, backing up so a robot is no longer touching a scored hub. These are all things that occur within a second of the buzzer, and not necessarily intentional. Again, it’s not a big issue, but one I would like to “solve” by having the driver control force stopped at the buzzer.