Vex net Field controller kit

how do u set up the the field controller kit

Check these resources out:

The field control software can be found here:

I would download Tournament Manager - it will control the fields, generate match schedules, record scores and rankings… You can use parts of these functions…

you will find it here: VEX Tournament Manager

+1, sorry I didn’t know if I would have permission to post that because I went to an EP summit regarding topics similar to that. Now that the link is here anyways I would recommend using that instead.

The link is public, as are all the EP resources - these are linked to the VRC Team Resources page.

The other software is so barebones and not available for Mac. TM is a better option.

However, the documentation is hugely helpful for teams to understand why you need to power everything down BEFORE connecting to the field tower.

It is a great learning opportunity for students and, selfishly, the training for TM Operator at events:)

It’s all good.