Vex net keys, not pairing

Ok…so far you all have been a great help and we are doing much better. Now the issue is we have many Vex Keys and they do not pair with each other. Some do and some do not…why?

I did download the 2 vexnet utilities and made sure the firmware was up to date.

Are the vexnet keys paired for life or can I mix them up?

Vexnet keys are agnostic. It’s the Cortex and controller that pair.

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Use a USB-A to USB-A to the cortex from the controller, and then pair them together

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We have no trouble pairing controllers and cortex with USB A-A cables, so I ssume that if two keys will not pair the keys are bad?

If you connect keys to a paired controller and corresponding cortex, it should be fine. If not those are faulty keys

I’m assuming this is cortex too?

yes cortex and some keys are not even recognized by the firmware utility and some keys are black and some are white…does this matter?

I believe black vs white is the difference between 2.0 and 1.0 keys. Also, use keys that match each other. Im no expert in this though, it’s been a while.

As I recall from years ago, we used to have a lot of problems with the black keys and pairing. The kids had a whole routine they would do when we couldn’t get them to pair. I’m sure I have it documented in an old engineering notebook somewhere. Anyway, I would recommend not using the black keys unless you really have to.

The USB connections on the keys can become very intermittent. Sometimes a bit of card between the key and controller or key and cortex can solve it, especially with black keys.

The black keys don’t have user updateable firmware. The white keys are updated using the standalone vexnet 2.0 key firmware updater.

Black and white keys are not compatible with one another so use 2 of the same.


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