VEx net red lights

:confused:When we turn on cortex and remote control all lights blink green, we are able to sync up and control the robot for a few seconds. However, the vex net light turns red on both cortex and remote. Nothing works afterwards. We tried downloading different programs but have the same outcome.


Please try to duplicate this issue while on tether mode.
Let me know your findings.


When tethered, everything works fine!

Here is the sequence:

Power up the robot:
Robot Game Light - yellow fast blink
Robot Vexnet Light - yellow slow blink

Some seconds later:
Robot Game Light - Yellow fast blink
Robot Vexnet Light - Yellow fast blink, changes to yellow slow blink, red fast blink
USB Key - blue light static comes on

Turn on Joystick and connect:
Joystick robot light - Green static
Joystick Vexnet light - Red slow blink

USB Key - blue light blinking

Now, when we tether joystick to cortex, the cortex light blinks red and the joystick vexnet light is static green. We have checked batteries, mechanics, downloaded/updated firmware, checked code…


A red blinking(slow) robot basically means low battery, please contact us directly for over-the-phone troubleshooting: