VEX Net Trade In for Canadians?

Hi there,

In this thread you provide a link to a document with the address for returning VEXNet Keys for the trade in coupons.

I noticed that the address was IFI Canada’s address.

I haven’t seen anything mentioning that the trade-in program has been expanded outside the USA, so maybe this is just a master plan to keep Karthik occupied in the off-season. :slight_smile:

Or maybe I’ve missed something. If the plan has been expanded outside the USA, please let me know and I’ll bulk email the BC Teams so that no one misses out.



Hi Jason,

The trade in plan has been expanded to Canada. Canadian customers who visit will automatically get directions on how to return their keys and receive their coupon code. Please share this information with your local teams.

Thanks. With the job action taking place across BC I suspect that many teachers have something other than VEXNet keys at the top of their mind.


P.S. This kind of support for teams facing the expense of upgrading is something that I really appreciate. It makes it easy for me to explain to teachers that VEX really does do everything possible to support teams when there is a transition to new technology.