vex net trick?

does anyone know of a way to plug the vex net key into your computer and use that to program and to also have a true wireless print to screen. just to clarify this involves 3 usb keys, one in a laptop, one in the robot, and one in the radio.

VexNet is a proprietary protocol that is transmitted over 802.11, AFAIK. The VEXNET modules are required to transmit data over it, and I’m pretty sure Vex has no wish or simply cannot release drivers that emulate these modules - think what could happen in a competition.

i did think of that but i thought it would be nice to be able to have it connected to your computer for, well something i should probably not get in to.

my intent would not be to cause interference or anything

You can get wireless programming capability and debugging with the new VEX Cortex control system.

If I’m not mistaken, doesn’t the regular VEXnet upgrade do what you ask?