vex net

whats the rule on how high the vex net is allowed to be

So long as the net doesn’t catch any birds, you’re fine.

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The VEXnet key can be located anywhere in your robot, so long as it’s within the 18x18x18 inch box.

Isn’t there a rule that it can’t be too close to motors or metal or something?

Thought I saw that somewhere…

There is a rule that deals with the VEXnet on a USB Extension. Here is that rule from the Sack Attack Game Manual.


Yes, it is recommended that you have 2" of clearance from any metal from the vexNet key (from the top of the key). It’s required if you’re using a USB extension. As per <R7>.g

As far as other advice, keep in mind where your robot might get entangled with other robots. You don’t want another robot (accidently) hitting your key and having it loose connection.

the steel and aluminum interfere with the cortex signals. this happened to us until we changed the position of our cortex

I disagree with your statement. We often no problems with connection when the Cortex and VEXNet Keys are close to or far away from metal. Rarely, connection issues occur regardless of position of the VEXNet Keys.

We found that having fully charged batteries and keeping track of the correctly paired controllers was much more important. That last part being very, very crucial…