VEX New England Championship Event Presented by QCC

Hey everyone in and around the general new England area, there only 25 days left until the next QCC championship. (23 left to register) and there is room for 125 teams, yes you read that correctly 125:eek:. That’s a level 5 tournament!

I’m sure teams from all over will be there (or at least i hope they will be) and its a great chance to get a last minute qualification spot or test out your world champion robot (like my team will…its changed, a lot:p) so come one come all to the fierce competition that awaits! Count this as your official invitation to the biggest competition in New England this year. In the lovely Hebert Auditorium of QCC where you get actual classrooms as pits (not just a table) we hope to see you there.

all the WTHS teams will be attending (2625A,B and C) who else will?

4886a, b, c, and d would love to attend, however we don’t know if we can yet. With the price set so high we might not be able to come. We lost our sponsor, and the team is broke, so we’ll have to see. I hope we can, I’m sorry if we can’t :confused:

I think at least some of our teams will be coming. We are attempting to raise more money and we will probably get enough (hopefully, if not our fundraising is really sad).

yeah ours too we don’t even know if we will have enough to go to the world championship yet (i really hope we do) i really hope your teams can make it i can’t wait to see what your other teams built (ive never seen c or d before)

Wish i could go but the 2000 mile factor does present a slight problem :stuck_out_tongue:
Take lots of video!

Oh, you’ll love C team! D team is our new middle school team, but since we ran out of funding, we couldn’t get them what they needed (HS motors, more pinions, etc.) I’m glad you support Crystal though! For C and D team, it will be our first big meet.

yeah we have issues driving upwards of 50 miles never mind 2000 haha

could that be because your on it?:wink:

i hope they do well i’m helping Worcester east middle and there’s the same issues but you just have to push through and make the best machine with the parts available.

I’m really the only one on it. Fido has been driving for me, but with my new design, which I’ve been working on, it will be a whole lot easier to drive, or a whole lot harder, because I’m trying to put in something I’ve never seen before…

Wait, so your on two teams at the same time?

what design are you using?

Basically. When not driving C team, I’m usually coaching A team.

Well the design has been used many times before, its the chassis which I’ve never seen before. Lets just hope it works! I’ll be prototyping it tomorrow.

yeah, good luck to you i hope it make the design more efficient and you do well at qcc

Thanks, I would tell you more, but I’ve been keeping it a secret. And you too. Maybe this time our A team can try to qualify there.

So mecanums on your horizontal intake??? It would be easier moving around the field.

A teams not qualified? well we will have to change that wont we? i mean 2625a plus green egg and your a team…who would have a chance? and well thats a long story and we’ve made a few modifications.

Sadly not, we’ve come SOO close. And at our meet, A team, plus green egg, plus C team was unbeatable… until our cortex battery connection came lose again haha. And thanks! We really want to go this year to see how our design holds up.

What are we making pre-arranged alliances already? lol

haha well i mean we’ve been allienced with the 40 teams to much i think every competition we see you we pick a 40 team we’ve won with like 5 teams haha

i was just joking haha. I think the 40 teams would prefer being together anyway since we practice with each other every day it would kinda make sense

My team is happy. Our B team doesn’t know though. But the other day their lift did something amazing. I’ll have to post a pic.