Vex Nothing But Net Compitetions To-Do's

Hey guys! I just wanted to create a forum that would be extremely helpful and beneficial to the vex community, not just for nothing but net, but for any vex competition. I have a small list of items so far, but I want to hear from all the notorious and well known teams to keep adding to the list. This thread can consist of past failures, recent successes, or good ideas for the competition. Thanks!

Some things I have found:

  • Compressed air to cool motors
  • Never leave batteries or pit un-attended
  • Do skills
  • Bring lots of food and water :smiley:
  • Save at least 4-7 days for testing and getting a designated driver, preloader and backups for both

Secure your batteries, in one of our finals matches, our battery disconnected and we lost control of half our robot.

Make sure you can organize your batteries and charge them quickly and a voltmeter also is useful for checking batteries. Always check to ensure everything is plugged in and ready before each match.
Also, my team brings a big speaker to play music at some of the calmer competitions to make it more fun!

Your Robot
Structural Pieces For Backup
Backup Cortex and Joystick
Backup Sensors
Food (Chips are great… Kettle cooked barbecue :))
Interview Preparation (We’ve never done this, but I think it might be important)
Laser On Shark
Safety Glasses
Fan (Some places are really hot)
Printed Q&A rulings just in case

I think that’s a decent list.

Sleeping the night before is pretty useful. Going to a competition after staying up all night finishing up code and the notebook is not an okay thing to do :frowning:


Am! Right when you get on the bus!


Sleep on the bus at 7am
Stay up all night

Kay then…

Drive down and get a hotel the day before.

Hey Zues, didnt you guys win vex worlds last year? And also, are u in ms or hs?

No, And we are a middle school team. Although I remember seeing a I think European team named Zeus

Zeus is a team from the Hai Sing Catholic School in Singapore.

Nice, we got 200+ views, I was not expecting this! Thank you for taking time to type a reply. Keep them coming!

Walk to the event with 6 people under a 40 foot tarp in the rain for 30 minutes. It shows true dedication to vex.

Bribe the judges with working shaft collars and unbroken goal corner connectors.

A shaft collar that actually works? Ludicrous.

Test your new autonomous before the match. Breaking rules during the autonomous period of an elimination match at world’s wasn’t fun.