Vex nothing but net

Hey, does anyone have any suggestion for nothing but net single flywheel gearing? And also what is a turbo gear?

A good flywheel gearing is generally 25:1. Turbo gears are special gears that you add to your motors so they rotate faster, but adding that will make them have less torque.

It depends on the wheel size a lot. For 4" wheels, something in the range of 35:1 to 40:1 works well and for 5" wheels 25:1 to 28:1.

We used a 3:49 gear ratio with motors internally geared for speed (high speed configuration, not turbo) and it worked very well. It used 4 motors, two per gearbox with 5 inch wheels. It is in final about 1:26.133. There are amazing things and fire rates you can achieve with this ratio because it doesn’t put much stress on the motors and provides wonderful speed for both full court and short range shots.