VEX Nut Retainers now Availble!

Now that we have VEX making new and unique items:
How many of y’all are going to be using them? I bet many are using them already, but will you and for what reasons do you plan to use them for? Do you think simplifying building is a good thing? How well can these retainers stand against defense and pushing(If you had them already from the V5 kits)?


Those are neat-o. Now if only they’ll come out with some for the standoffs, I’d be set! No more loctite mess!

This is actually really cool! I wish I had these four years ago though.

They are 50 cents each. So I’m thinking teaching people how to use a nutdriver takes about 30 seconds. Teaching people the difference between Keps nuts and Nyloc nuts is another 30 seconds. So my guess is we won’t be using them.

But they do look cool.

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@Foster Well, my thought is that they wouldn’t be used on every single nut, they would only be used for hard to reach places on the robot where it is physically impossible or near impossible to get a wrench. For my robots throughout the year, we would probably only need these nifty little retainers on like <10% of all nuts holding the robot together.


I’m doubtful of its realistic use.
Locknuts IMO are secure enough for competition use.

Locknuts = nylocks

So I have flexible socket extensions for getting into those hard to reach due to poor design :slight_smile: areas. $1 each with free shipping.


I’m doubtful of the usefulness of the other two parts, but the 1-Post Hex Nut Retainer w/ Bearing Flat looks to be very, very useful. It would be a far superior replacement for many bearings on my robot, especially the ones where the axle goes through one of the side holes.