Vex on a Futaba TX?

Hi all,

I currently have a Vexplorer and was wondering if there was a way to bind it to a custom transmitter like a fancy Futaba?

I know nothing about binding transmitters but I have a little RC helicopter called the Blade MCX and I plan on getting a new transmitter for it and thought it would be nice to be able to bind that same transmitter to my vexplorer. I’m probably going to end up buying a Futaba since they are well build and usually have a lot of options. I’m probably gonna end up getting a six channel Futaba for other uses too, but I believe the Vexplorer is 4 channels and my helicopter is 4 channels. I’m just not sure if I can actually bind it to the default reciever kit that comes with the Vexplorer or if I should invest in the other one Vex sells.

Any help would be appreciated.

Wow, no one knows? :confused:

Sorry, the answer is no. The VEX transmitter sends a signal that is specific for the VEX. The Futaba isn’t directly compatable.

One digital signal can always be interpreted into another digital signal.

The complexity to do this is another matter. You need to learn about PPM conversion. You could potentially write your own PPM translator but you would need to be very familiar with the Futaba PPM stream.

The first step is you need a programmable microcontroller like the VEX controller (unfortunately the Vexplorer is not programmable)

I would suggest finding someone who has already made a PPM inverter and using their code.

Here is a start :

Geez, looks like a lot of work in something I’m not very knowledgable in. I guess I’ll just stick to the default transmitter.

However, what are the benefits I will get (keeping in mind that I’m a novice) by buying the transmitter/reciever kit from vex and replacing my vexplorer one with it?

If you buy the Trans & Rcrv, 75 MHz and the 75 MHz Signal Splitter, it is essentially the same as what you have with the Vexplorer, but uses the Vex EDR 3 wire Motors. Buying a Motor Controller 29 for each of your Vexplorer Motors will let you use them with the 75 Mhz Signal Splitter.

BUT… If you buy the Trans & Rcvr, 75 Mhz and the PIC Microcontroller V0.5 or the Cortex Microcontroller, and then buy a Programming Kit, like easyC V2 for PIC or easyC PRO for PIC or ROBOTC for PIC for the V0.5 Microcontroller or easyC V4 for Cortex or ROBOTC for Cortex & PIC for the Cortex Microcontroller, then you can actually Program your Robot, not just Remote Control it… You will still need the “Motor Controller 29” to connect your Vexplorer Motors to either of the Microcontrollers.