vex on CAD

where can i go to get Vex pieces for autodesk.
i found team 24s post but they only have metal.
whare can i get the other pieces.:smiley:

If you are looking for the other pieces, unfortunately I have still not finished them for the 2013 library. :confused: You can, however, download my 2012 CAD library. The 2013 parts should work just fine along with the iMates (you can replace the 2012 metal/screws with the 2013 ones), or you could just use the entire 2012 library.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Here you go.

thanks tohse wrhere the pieces i was looking for

wait no it doesnt open correctly for me

The VEXCAD page has STEP files. As such, there is no coloring on the parts. Also, I think you have to “import” the step files, rather than just opening them. Not 100% sure, though.

RoboDesigners is correct. S^3’s library has almost all of the parts currently available. The ones not currently available are a couple of the really, really old legacy items (can’t remember which) and the new integrated motor encoders. Both of the items that can’t be found can be found on VEXCAD.

I use S^3’s library for everything I do, and I pieced together the IMEs.