VEX on YouTube

This video is currently on the front page of the Science and Technology section. Hexbug Nano is also a tending topic.
Is this a sign that VEX is gaining in popularity? It seems that this year there have been much more videos of the competition, but in comparison fewer videos just showing robots. Unfortunately the quality of most of these seem low, which has discouraged me from showing these to my team members. Please post links to other VEX videos including videos on other hosting sites.

Considering that VEX is the larges robotics program in the world, you can say that popularity is high, and it’s only increasing.

On Youtube, type in VRC Clean Sweep and you’ll have enough videos to spend a good portion of your afternoon.

  • Sunny

Wow, this is a great accomplishment for Team 1000. Great job!

Really? I’m thought FIRST Lego League was much larger.

That’s what they kept on saying in the Pan Pacific Telecast. Maybe the official term is different…

FLL has 13700 teams this year. I couldn’t find an exact number, but I thought that VRC had about 6000 teams.

Could Vex be the fastest growing robotics competition?

The last time IFI broadcast an email announcing the number of teams, VRC was under 2000 teams.

What you must have heard is a claim that it is the fastest-growing program - It is not close to being the largest (yet).

Thanks for letting us know about it. We had no idea that there was a science & technology page on youtube.

In terms of number of teams, VRC is the largest high school/secondary school competition. FLL has more teams, but they aren’t secondary school. Teams continue to sign up for VRC, and the current number is well over 2,000 worldwide.