Vex Organizer

I think a good idea would be to have some sort of organizer for vex. The starter kit is too hard to keep organized. I have a box that i keep in my room that is fairly organized too, but even that seems a little too difficult. A Vex organizer i think would be a great idea.
box robots.jpg

here is what i use, very functional, very easy:

this doesnt show all of my parts, since i currently have a line-follower robot built.

now i wouldnt call myself obssesive, but i do like things like this organized. same thing with legos, i bought four orange organizers to use. also very ahndy.

I swear, this thread died in the beginning, I think you follow my posts around.

i have 1 of my dads electrical boxes to keep my stuff organized but i never do:p :o its just so hard to put all the stuff back where it goze:p :confused: so i just throw everything in the box i just think itz eazer:D

lol! thats what i do funny lol

i never did that. i just like being able to know exactly where everything is all the time. much unlike my legos - i just throw them around. i think having an organized system is a good plan, and very helpful.

I used the starter kit box, it’s foam for support, and little plastic bags (the ones it came with or my own). It’s fairly organized, could be better, could be worse. It is a good idea to make a VEX Organizer.

yes, a very good idea. :slight_smile:

i used to do that, just throw it all around, but once i started buying more stuff, i ran out of space and had to organize it all. if only my robotics team thought the same thing :frowning:

Mine is not really organized, Mostly because my parts are always strewn out across a table or floor as I add to my monkey bot!.

Vex folks,

Ever since I saw an 84-tooth Vex gear sitting flat in a compartment in Chuck Harris’ Stanley brand “organizer” storage box; I have enviously wished for one of my own (the organizer, not the gear). The compartments were not too big, and not too small. They were just right.

I definitely needed to get my microcontrollers, gears, etc. out the bottom of my toolbox so that I wouldn’t cringe every time I heard everything loaded in there shift.

Well, three cheers for Home Depot and their New Year’s sale (at least in the No. Virginia region).

If you can find a store that has them in stock, you can buy a “deep”, ten-compartment, organizing box for $10 (I think I got the last two in Manassas). Each box contains two compartments able to hold (lying flat), the Vex 7.2V Batteries, the 84-tooth gears, the microcontrollers, and/or Vex Safety Glasses (but not all of these at the same time…).

If you want to hold even larger items, you can remove some of the compartments (the compartments are square cups, not “fences” that fit into slots). If you do that, the remaining compartments are held in place (fairly well) by protrusions on their bottoms and ridges on the inside of the lid.

Here is a URL that takes you to a picture.“10 Compartment Professional Organizer”


I’m looking into doing some small (very small) injection molding parts. I’ll let you guys know if I could get some stuff done… like maybe a worm gear :slight_smile:

i just went to the dollar store and got some plastic organization containers which work well for vex parts.

YEAH for dollar stores!!!

i would love a worm gear for vex

What I have is a set of small doers for the small items (i.e. screws, nuts, washers) and a set of larger plastic doers for larger items (Motors, gears). So far it has worked well but all of my stuff seems to get disorganized over time. All of it costed about $10 at walmart

Vex should have their own that you can get though…

It would be cool to have one to go with the Vex logo on top and the vex colors…

I use the starter kit for storage. Either the piece is on my robot, or it’s in the starter kit. I am starting to run out of room, though!

That would be perfect!!!:smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley:

My problem is what to do with the long metal pieces.

When I just got my starter kit(last monday LOL) it came with a poster in with the manual, that poster listed different vex add on kits. One of which is a storage container… although there still is not one on the vex site…:rolleyes: :o :smiley: