Vex OS says motor connected but Autopilot is saying its not

We have assembled the clawbot for Vex IQ and when we connect the brain to the PC , we see that motors are connected to all the required ports using Vex OS but when we run the autopilot , it is saying Port 7, 12 and 11 are missing connection?

I am also able to go into Device Info and run the motor connected to each port but autopilot is saying missing devices on three ports and when I download program to the brain with two simple steps i.e. when started -> drive forward , that is also not working.

Any print statements do show up on the console.

have you tried

  • restarting the brain (disconnect battery)
  • going into device info and checking the motors (Testing a motor) motors on another brain
  • testing code (robotc) to see if motors show up
  • update the brain

hopefully one of these things will fix it, as it has for me :grin:

Which motors and sensors are connected to which ports?

Device Info - > port 7 -> test -> I can see the wheels spinning
Vex OS -> Shows Port 7 brain connected to Motor

Autopilot and Code -> dont work. Autopilot says Missing connection on Port 7.

Ah, I was asking for a complete mapping of which devices are connected to which ports. Anyway…

In the Build Guide (downloads 65 MB PDF) these port assignments are shown for the Autopilot Build:
Port 1 = Left Motor
Port 6 = Right Motor
Port 3 = Color Sensor
Port 4 = Gyro
Port 5 = TouchLED
Port 2 = Front Distance Sensor
Port 9 = Right Rear Bump Sensor
Port 8 = Left Rear Bump Sensor

While Ports 7 and 12 can (afair) be used for drive motors with the built-in “Driver Control” and may be used in some other “Builds”, not so much for the Autopilot demo.

Please note, Autopilot demo program is for Autopilot build, not Clawbot. The instructions branch from step 19 on page 9 to step 102 on page 32.

Check out pages 15 - 18 of Control System User Guide (9MB PDF).

Please also read the first three results of searching for “clawbots autopilot” in the forum searchbar (the “magnifying glass” icon at the top of forum pages)…

Additionally, your actual port mapping can be different than “Build Guide” indicated and still work for downloaded programs ("when started -> drive forward "), but program must be configured to your physical build. How you do that is dependent on which programming application you use, RobotC, Modkit, RMS, VEXcode, etc. If you need further help, it is best to tell us which, and show us your code… (“When started” implies VEXcode IQ Blocks)

The VEX OS Utility and Device Info both tell you whether the Brain ports, cables and sensors are working, and how they are physically connected. Your program config has to agree. The demos all have (different) built-in config mappings.

A great exercise is to write your own “Clawbot Autopilot” program, for “Clawbot IQ with Sensors” (also shown in the Clawbot build instructions), mirroring the built-in one, with proper mapping, and perhaps modification of the build.

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This is an important point - if you build the Clawbot, then run the Autopilot demo program, the program will expect sensors to be connected that aren’t on the robot at all, which will result in exactly the sorts of errors OP appears to be experiencing.

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