Vex Out of the Box

How does the brain come out of the box? What controller buttons/ joysticks control what? I’ve always used programing, so I don’t know how the brain works without any programing. I’m hoping this will help me answer others questions about square bots.

please read inventor’s guide, this will have lots of information on this exact matter

But it’s so huge lol.

Then you better get started! :smiley:

If one of my grade 8 kids can finish the manual in one night, you can probably finish it… :wink:

the manual isn’t actually that big, most of it is the instructions for the squarebot, and all you need to read is the microcontroller and remote control part

You really just need to read Appendix E, Control

The “out of the box brain” is actually very sophisticated and can do a great deal. There are 2 motor and 4 motor support in both Arcade and Tank modes.

If it’s not working like you expect, check the transmitter to make sure you have it in the right mode (12 vs 23) and that you have the correct jumpers inserted.

Basic version:
Plug a motor into “motor port 1” of the microcontroller it is controlled by “channel 1” on the transmitter.

Plug a motor into “motor port 2” of the microcontroller it is controlled by “channel 2” on the transmitter.

(etc, etc.)

It can get more complicated than that; if you are curious about the more advanced functions you should consult your Inventor’s Guide.


Thanks for the link.

Thanks for the general concept. I thought that it was only possible to build a square bot out of the box, I guess I was wrong.