Vex Over Under Match Load

Hello this is my teams second year of Vex robotics.
We had a general game plan of using the alliances match load and firing it into our goal and push the triballs in.
Does vex allow for Drive team Members to place triballs directly into the catapult/slingshot or does an intake have to pick it up?
Thank You in Advance

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I would recommend you read the Game Manual as it specifies under what conditions you may place a match load onto the robot and there is a Q&A on this very topic.

Come back and cite the language from the Game Manual which confuses you.


Please read the game manual. It will tell you everything you need to know. In this case, see rule SG6.


Welcome to the forums. Your question is answered inside of this year’s game manual; I would recommend giving that a read. As for your question, below is a screenshot from the manual that should help.


Yes, you may put match loads into the robot but the mechanism you place it in must be still, as not to violate s1


Thank You, I just read the game manual, must have skipped over it.

Thank You, this helped!