VEX Over Under Ri3D Hangman (21S, 334B, 1469A)

Teams 21S, 334B, and 1469A present to you our Over Under Ri3D, well really less than that, Hangman.

This bot was built June 3~4 and since it is going to it’s first scrim today figured it would be a good time to unveil it.


  • 4M 44W 257 Drive Base
  • 2M 22W Intake
  • 1M 11W Double Decker Puncher
  • 1M 11W Lift

Feel free to ask any questions and best of luck this season! (We’re all gonna need it)


What is the gear ratio on the lift and is there a ratchet to stop it from falling after power is cut?

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What lead to you guys deciding on a double decker puncher?

How much does the robot weigh?

I am a first time captain for a middle school team. I have been combing YouTube, Tiktok, and the forum, and I haven’t found any robot ideas I liked. But, yours is amazing! I have been analyzing your YouTube video for hours trying to reverse engineer it on CAD. I have a good grasp of the outside, but the double decker liner puncher and your endgame claw I can’t figure out. Would you please consider sharing the CAD? I totally understand if not, but I would rather be told no then to not ask. Thank you for even taking the time to read this. And good luck in the coming competitions.