VEX Over Under Ri3D - OWL Robotics

Hello Everyone!

Here at OWL Robotics, we would like to present our Robot in 3 Days (Ri3D) “Crab Rave”.

Feel free to leave any questions below!

Good luck in Over Under!


I love it! It’s very interesting to see what you guys came up with, especially within 3 days!


Why did you guys choose to use high strength axles on the drivetrain?

The VEXPro mechanum wheels let us easily use HS axles and require less adapters to use LS axles. We also didn’t like the idea of using LS axles for such a wide drive spacing.


Is there a gear ratio for the chassis?

I noticed you sometimes had trouble just pushing the triballs over, so I would recommend adding a slight wedge to push them up and over quickly.

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