Vex Package Tracking

I recently ordered some stuff on VEX, but I did not use an account and so cannot view when the package is coming or any other details. I do have the tracking number but I do not know how to use it. Can anybody help me out?

It depends on what the code looks like. does it say what it ships through? (i.e. USPS, UPS, FedEx)


I am not sure, as I have not made a vex order before, but somewhere in an order, or somewhere on the order website, there should be another tracking number. it may be for USPS, or UPS, I do not know, but there should be another number other then VEX-XXXXXXXX

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thanks so much
appreciate the help

I am fairly certain that VEX only ships via FedEx, so if you get your hands on a tracking number, it would be a FedEx package more likely.


I don’t know about getting you a tracking number however you can’t track it through your account immediately anyways besides a simple shipped/delivered status. What you can do is use the chart on this page to find out how long your order will take to arrive via FedEx Ground (unless you choose to pay for a quicker option) and use that to estimate your arrival time. Also that VEX-XXX… number seems to be your order number and not a tracking number for FedEx.

VEX ships via FEDEX. When you get the ship notice, the link should take you to your order, which should give you a link to the tracking. Unless you didn’t give them an email address in which case you will need to call VEX sales and give them your order number and they can pull the tracking up.

Remember its BUSINESS days in the shipping world. So from TX to Delmarva is three business days. Order by noon my time Thursday makes the 4PMish truck on Thursday and then my order lands Tuesday at the robot garage (Ship is F, M, T). Sometimes, if the order is really small (a bag of IQ sprockets) the ship is F, S, M. Your days will depend on your distance.